August 26, 2021 Fidira

Welcome to Fidira!

Global Crypto Gift Cards - Buy, Earn, Spend through crypto like never before.



Welcome to Fidira!

Fidira is a One-click Defi and NFT platform paving the way toward mass adoption through global crypto gift card offerings and our three step systems.

  1. Welcome to Fidira. Users begin their Fidira journey by purchasing one of our Gift Card that come equipped with a free NFT from their local retail store.
  2. Next, you get the opportunity to interact with our One-stop DeFi Shop where you can earn NFTs and powerful rewards through our optimised staking system.
  3. Finally, you can spend by taking your earnings back to the real world with the Fidira DeFi-backed Mastercard solution.


That’s Fidira.

Global Crypto Gift Cards – Buy, Earn, Spend through crypto like never before.

A safe, seamless, and rewarding experience.



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