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Fidira - Meet the team

Fidira is a company focused on increasing participation in the blockchain space by promoting ease of access to NFTs and cryptocurrencies. The company is run by visionary individuals with diverse skillsets, all focused on achieving this collective goal. Meet our team members below:   


  • Fadi Sahely (Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer)

Fadi is one-half of the founding partnership that created Fidira. He maintains an advisory role at several companies and serves as the co-founder of UGRS, a company specializing in technology property and trade security. Fadi has over 20 years running business operations and increasing company bottom lines by creating strong teams and ensuring strict quality control measures. 


  • Mervyn Murray (Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer)

Mervyn, the second Co-founder of Fidira, is a seasoned finance expert with over 20 years of experience in asset and investment management. He is highly skilled at creating innovative methods of ensuring customer satisfaction, a trait he has demonstrated at several global companies, including JLL, where he currently sits as an Executive Director. Mervyn specializes in creating products that become customer favorites and achieve global market dominance. 


  • Anouk Pinchetti (Chief Technical Officer)

Anouk is an information technology (IT) specialist with several years of experience in different positions within the IT industry. He has spent the last couple of years working at the Miner network, a not-for-profit association established to facilitate the tokenization of precious metals mining and assist in cleaning up the dirtiest business in the world: resource extraction. His primary area of concern is exploring how modern decentralized technologies can transform how we transact value.


  • Dominic Gonsalves (Project Manager)

Dominic is a senior project manager who has handled the implementation of many successful projects at various companies for more than 25 years. He is currently the director at Washington Elephant Professional Services (WEPS), an Australian telecommunications company whose services include project management, engineering consulting, interface management, and much more.  Dominic has shown tremendous leadership capacity, guiding WEPS through collaborative efforts with specialist providers in strategic asset management and communication.


  • Steve McGowan (Chief Engineer)

McGowan is an Aeronautical Engineer and has worked in the aviation industry for over 30 years. He is licensed in Europe and Australia, where he currently works as a technical manager for one of the major airlines. At his current company, McGowan is responsible for leading a team of staff tasked with managing over 70 aircraft. In addition, he regularly liaises with well-known aircraft companies like Airbus and Boeing.


  • Lisa Tsukamoto (Graphics Designer)

Lisa, a graduate of the Art and Design College, Aichi, Japan, is an arts and crafts professional with a wide range of skills in creating different types of art. She demonstrates her proficiency as a skilled graphics designer, being able to use various software design tools such as Adobe Suites, Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design for graphics. Lisa is also proficient with WordPress and basic HTML and CSS for web design.  



Fidira’s Advisors

To ensure that the company provides the best possible service to its users, Fidira also has a team of very competent advisors. Each of these individuals contributes from their expertise across different fields to guarantee a wholesome product. Here’s a list of our board of advisors:


  • Oliver Marco La Rosa

Oliver has years of experience across both the banking and IT industries. He currently serves as the CEO of Globiance group, which offers finance services to professional and personal customers. He is also one of the founders of the European Chamber of Commerce of Distributed Ledger Technologies and Cryptocurrencies.


  • Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran

Dr. Deeban is an astute polymath and serial entrepreneur. He holds several degrees and postgraduate diplomas in fields such as medicine and leadership. Between 2019 and 2021, Deeban has advised on managing over 100mill+ worth of funds. He is the co-founder of Academic Tech and an angel investor in several high-profile startups. 


  • Josh Meier

Josh is the co-founder of Andromeda capital and a senior partner at Latitude Services. He has served in advisory roles at over 20 tech startups such as EQIFI, Splyt, OMNI, Definity, Tacen, StackOS, plus many others. His wealth of experience in dealing with early-stage startups and his strong network of contacts make him a vital asset for any company’s team. 


  • Corey Billington

Corey is a managing partner at Andromeda Capital and a Director at Latitude Blockchain Services. His range of expertise spans sales, marketing, business development, photography, and Engineering.  For the past four years, he has been an active part of the cryptocurrency landscape, working with notable projects such as Celsius, Splyt, StackOS, Tacen, and Umbrella Network.


  • Sundeep Krishna

Sundeep has worked with several teams and played strategic advisory roles for several projects such as QANX, Carbon, Unvest, BlockBank, LedgerScore, Sekuritance, Verso, BitCashPay, and many others. He has multiple graduate degrees in engineering and has been actively involved in the crypto industry for over five years.


  • Imran Iqbal

Imran is the founder and CEO of SafeLaunch, a venture capital community platform that enables early-stage investing in crypto-based projects. He has over seven years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, where he has built crypto mining rigs and repeatedly carried out blockchain investment analysis.


  • Jason Hill

Jason holds a bachelor’s and postgraduate degree in Chemistry and has spent years working in large chemical companies such as Orica and a few IT companies. He is also a skilled entrepreneur with high-performing businesses in ticketing and healthcare. He has established two of Melbourne’s top Spa and Wellness brands, Sakura Lounge and Sensu Spa, which generate annual revenues of over $2million.



Now that you have met our team, we are glad to announce that we have several exciting projects coming up soon. We would love to keep you updated on all our recent developments. Here’s how you can stay in touch with us:



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