December 9, 2021 Fidira


Fidira - Where we are at and where we are going

Cryptocurrencies have become the new rave. Many people are now beginning to explore this space so they can profit from the vast opportunities available. Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to potential newbies in the crypto space is getting started.  This is where Fidira comes in. We hope to make your journey into crypto smoother by making it easier for you to own cryptocurrencies and NFTs.



What is going on currently?

This year, we have taken steps to ensure that our platform gets better, and we keep doing our best to ensure that the cryptocurrency ecosystem keeps expanding. At the moment, we have several initiatives currently running. Here’s a short overview:


  • Fidira IDO

Our IDO is now live, meaning that interested individuals can purchase our native $FID tokens. This is important because these tokens will serve as the backbone of the entire Fidira community. In addition, our $FID token has a very high utility, allowing holders to enjoy governance privileges and earn NFTs by contributing to the staking pool.


  • Staking

Following the launch of our IDO, $FID holders can now stake their tokens and make a profit from the network fees generated by Fidira. This works by creating a staking pool where Fidira users can put their free $FID tokens to work for them and earn them a fair reward. This reward could be NFTs or tokens from our other partner decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, opening community members to a whole new world of DeFi. Staking Pools are regulary updated.  Look out for new pools here.  Staking Pools


  • Fidira/Chain guardians puzzle game 

Another exciting bit of news is that we recently launched our puzzle game. Members of the ecosystem can now compete to win the original Lolita NFT. 

You can stake your $FID or ETH tokens on our liquidity pool using Quickswap. After this, you will receive a liquidity pool token which you can farm in our puzzle game pool. You can find out more about this game here.



Introducing our amazing contests

We have begun some competitions where anyone interested could participate and stand a chance to win up to $2000 USDT worth of prizes. If you are eager to get in on the fun, here’s a list of some of the available contests below:


  • The Engagement competition

This contest is simple. All you need to do is join the Fidira telegram channel, follow our Twitter page, and keep retweeting and sharing our posts. If you get enough points, you might just be the one to win the grand prize of $300 USDT. You can participate in this contest using gleam here.


  • Meme Competition

If you feel you can create funny and relatable memes, then you definitely should throw your hat in the ring for a chance to win an array of fantastic prizes. The winner of this contest is due to receive $100, while the first and second runners-up will win $60 and $30, respectively. You can register your entry here.


  • GIF competition

Just like with the meme contest, you can create and register your GIF entry for a chance to win a cash reward. The prizes are $150, $90, and $60 for the first, second, and third best entries, respectively. You can register your entry here.


  • Telegram sticker competition

Asides from the engagement contest, the telegram sticker contest has the largest grand prize, making it a very engaging and feisty competition. The entrant with the best sticker will win $300. The first and second runners-up will receive $150 and $75, respectively. You can register your entry here.



These contests provide a fun way for us to interact with and build our community, as you’ll be surprised by how much we learn from these creative exercises. However, the deadline for submissions is the 30th of November, 2021, so interested participants need to hurry. 


What’s next for Fidira?

We want you to be excited as we have so many amazing rollouts planned over the next couple of months. So here’s a brief summary of what you should expect from us in the months that will follow:


  • Digital gift cards

First, we intend to release our digital gift cards, which community members can purchase on our platforms using Fiat or their $FID tokens. These transactions will take place on our website, as well as on or retail partners platforms.  (These retail partners will be announced as soon as we are ready to go live) We have access to 500,000 global retailers.   We will also be launching our Android and iOS apps shortly after we begin. 


  • Physical gift cards

We will also be taking advantage of our vast distribution network by launching physical gift cards. These cards will be available for purchase at thousands of retail stores globally. One of our goals with this step is to help create a larger market for NFT creators and support their products to achieve a wider reach. Our gift cards will act as physical representations of digital NFTs. Thanks to our several high-value partnerships, individuals will be receiving a free NFT for buying our cards at any of our distribution outlets. 


  • More to come

Stay tuned for further announcements including, lending, Credit Card off ramps, NFT catalogues and staking platform.




Our goal is to make crypto easy, safe, rewarding, and fun for new entrants into the space. We intend to do this with our Fidira gift cards using our strong global retail distribution network. These Fidira gift cards will also allow owners to receive an NFT after each purchase, introducing a novel way for crypto owners to earn, spend, and collect their coins.


We would love to keep you updated on all our recent developments. Here’s how you can stay in touch with us:



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