Earn over 10% on your FID and win NFTs in our Sushi Pool!

New pool rewards:

Starting 10 Dec 2021, Fidira will be rewarding FID to stakers in the Sushiswap FID:USDT pool:

Every two weeks, Fidira will distribute 0.8% return on the FID staked in the pool for the full two weeks prior.

In addition, Fidira will occasionally choose a random staker in either our Quickswap pool or the Sushi Pool, and reward them with an NFT. These will not be held at regular intervals, but will usually be issued in celebration of new partnerships or features deployed on our site at

Our team continues to build simple and easy staking opportunities for our users. By locking your $FID into one of our staking pools, you can earn NFT rewards. Meanwhile, you’ll earn 5% annualized return (APY) on your $FID as well.

Currently, earnings can be represented as follows:

In short, the more $FID you stake, the greater the collection of NFTs you can earn (or buy) from, and the longer you stake, the more free NFTs you will be rewarded with.

Earn, trade, stake, collect and be rewarded.

Our team has developed a simple and safe way for anyone to get involved in cryptocurrencies using the Fidira gift card through our global retail distribution network.