May 9, 2021 Fidira

Fidira is excited to announce upcoming launch of the Fidira Erc20 token

It's on a trustworthy Tier 1 launchpad, and is being supported by GD10 and Momentum 6.

We are excited to announce its upcoming launch of the Fidira Erc20 token on a trustworthy Tier 1 launchpad, and is being supported by GD10 and Momentum 6. 

The anticipated launchpad date is June 16, and the IDO has made available 31.5mil tokens of total market supply 100mil fixed supply. The IDO will be launched on Uniswap with $500k of Eth/Fid locked by the team on launch, as well as a fixed supply being made available through a top10 Cex on launch.

Seed and Private A allocations have been over subscribed  and we are currently allocating Private B allocations to aligned partners who will add value and assist in growing Fidira.


What is Fidira?

Fidira is making products for the bankless future.

Fidira is developing an ecosystem that provides an easy avenue for users to start their cryptocurrency journey. It will be accessible, simple and secure. We will onboard new retail users through both digital and in store crypto gift cards.  These crypto gift cards will come with an accompanying NFT which will enable participation in the Fidira DAO as well as offering collectible artwork, gaming and other partner NFTS.

Fidira will offer defi products usually out of reach to new crypto users.  We will integrate simple one click integrations into cross chain Defi lending and farming, enabling users to choose yield generation strategies on their idle crypto easily and safely.  

Fidira has partnered with the leading global gift card provider, InComm. Their gift cards are available in both digital and physical formats. InComm also provides us with access to over 200,000 global retail distribution channels (think 7-Eleven, gamestop etc where you see all your local gift cards on the shelf).

Fidira has partnered with a global crypto exchange, Globiance. Globiance will provide liquidity for the Fidira ecosystem. This will allow us to begin operations with regional banking and digital currency licenses which are already in place in Singapore, Europe and the UK.  Further licenses are being intergrated as our rollout strategy requires.

Users will have multiple ways to spend their crypto earnings on Fidira. One of these ways will be via an innovative DeFi backed Fidira MasterCard. This option is made available through our partnership with leading global financial product provider EML Payments Ltd.


DAO and Revenue Streams

The Fidira DAO is the community owned and operated governance arm of Fidira, controlling all revenue margins and financial distributions obtained in the Fidira ecosystem.

The Fidira ecosystem will move towards a decentralised DAO model over the first 6 months after launch.

DAO participation will require both staking of the Fidira NFTs, meaning only participants of the Fidira ecosystem will be able to participate in the DAO. Once an NFT is staked from your Fidira wallet you will then be able to stake your Fidira tokens, participate and vote on governance and earn staking rewards from the Fidira ecosystem.

Welcome to Fidira!



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